Milwaukee Home Management,  - Making Your Life Easier

"I am a big fan and long time consumer of Milwaukee Home Management. Like many people, I have a busy life with work, community involvement and travel. Georgette and Jessica are vital to keeping my home life on track. 
Over the years they have performed a broad variety of services for me. They provide weekly cleaning, as well as seasonal deep cleaning. They are great at organizing projects. They've tackled my attic, garage, basement, closets and kitchen too. They even set up consignment account for me to sell my unwanted items.
They track the maintenance and repairs in my house from painting to appliance repair. They do the research, set up appointments and meet the contractors at my house so I don’t have to stay home and wait!
Errands and shopping are another of my favorite services. They pick up groceries and prep all the veggies so I can quick start dinner. They also keep the house stocked with toiletries and household supplies. 
Jessica and Georgette are trustworthy and knowledgeable. I will continue to value and appreciate their services. I recommend them to many people.

C. Haberman
Milwaukee, WI

"Milwaukee Home Management takes care of my errands.  They provide grocery shopping, dry cleaning, shipping, and personal shopping. They have staff deep clean my loft weekly and do all of my laundry. The services they provide, free up my busy schedule.
Georgette and Jessica are super friendly, extremely efficient and anticipate my needs without direction. 
They are the hardest working ladies in Milwaukee!”

Steve Peplin
Milwaukee, WI

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